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Call our 24hr careline
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When your loved one passes, Hills Family Funerals can walk beside you and advise the next steps for honouring the deceased.

Our primary consideration will care for the immediate considerations of the deceased. We will then arrange an appointment at your home or our funeral home to discuss the funeral service.

Honouring your loved one with a truly personal service is so important to us that in the first 15 minutes of the Arrangement Meeting we do nothing other than listen to the family. By simply listening, we are able to create a truly memorable service reflective of the life of the deceased.

We strive to make the service as personal as we can can and our experienced team will listen to your family and consider the many, many aspects of the deceased’s life in order to create a service that honours the person and love shared.

Richard and Deborah at Hills Family Funerals in Sydney can help you celebrate the memory, individuality and personal story of your loved one with a personalised funeral service.

Email or Call today and one of the caring members of Hills Family Funerals will contact you. Expect to hear from us within 24 hours.